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Today I’m gonna write something very unrelated to my usual blog posts. Something that I’ve never thought about writing it one day. What else that I gained joining as a Management Society aka MS member. Haha..odd topic! Anyway this is a post requested by my friend and I think no harm blogging it. 3 years back when I joined as a MS member, I still don’t own this blog so too bad.. now I’ve got to recall what happened 3 years ago! ><

When I first enter university, there are many societies and student organizations to choose from. My first intention is to brush up my English so societies which required us to speak English is my priority. Three years back, the newbies recruitment day for clubs and societies carry on in DK Foyer is so much happening comparing to these days.

Initially, I’m very interested to join AIESEC like many of you because this is a established International student organization. I apply MS and AIESEC at the same time but unfortunately AIESEC did not accept my applications after the interview. Until today, I still can’t figure out the reason behind it and not much people know about this but I think no harm sharing with you guys because I believed many things happened for a reason. If not because AIESEC rejected me, I won’t even have the chance to join Buddies and MS and get to know so many seniors in USM! One day, if you failed to apply any jobs or programs, please don’t give up because I believed there are certainly greater opportunities ahead you so always reflect and improve yourself to fit in the competitive societies. Opportunities wait for no men! 🙂

Frankly speaking, MS is not the only ground for you to learn and build yourself. You will certainly tell me there are still many societies which gives you such benefits. Indeed, it’s true.

Nevertheless, what Management Society gives you is a platform for you to know more seniors and lecturers than the ordinary students but this must depends on your initiative as well cz I knew many juniors are actually very quiet and shy to ask. By joining MS, I know many Management course seniors as well as Accounting seniors. Moreover, having networking with lecturers benefits you in the future such as job hunting. On top of that, it gives you more opportunities to join some other activities like I happened to be a part of USM Chinese New Year Festival main committee and USM Student Buddies. I learnt a lot from seniors apart from studies. Enter university is not solely about studies, extra curricular activities is definitely a plus point  to differentiate yourself compared to other students.

MS Bonding Trip 2010


Biz Week 2011


Prom Night 2011


Farewell 2011


Farewell 2011

Needless to mention about soft skills because regardless of which activities you joined, once you have given full force and commitment then you will certainly gained from it. There are no short cut in joining activities, if you need your superior to treasure your effort then you have to put 100% commitment of yours so that they manage to figure out your capabilities.

I’m lucky to be appointed as the President of MS in second year. It really developed me in the shortest period of time. I’m thankful to have a group of colleagues in helping me during my serving period as a President. I’m not extraordinary compared to my colleagues as everyone is a pillar to support this society, it couldn’t be a complete set if any of you is missing. I would say everyone have equal opportunity if you are serious and into your work. Taking up position is never a burden in fact you can learn to be responsible on your actions taken.

Bonding Trip 2011


Board of Committee 2011/2012. Thanks guys for everything. You guys mean so much to me and thanks for tolerating me during that period of time.  Friends forever! Must meet all of you before I graduate! 🙂


We are having so much fun during Universiti Malaya Biz Club visit to USM.


University visit to Universiti Malaya (UM).


University visit to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).


Farewell for the MS 2011/2012! Miss you guys! Sincere smile from all of us.

Whether one’s choose to have active or dull study life in university is solely based your own. However, I would say I never ever regret on what I have went through in the past three years although at the mean time you will be extremely busy with activities, lack of sleep and etc but no regret on that. Friendship, experience, knowledge gained is much more valuable compared to the rest.

Another reminder, please choose societies and clubs based on your own interests. Don’t join because of your friend’s company or join for the sake of getting MyCSD and so on, this mindset is so wrong and I can assure you with this mentality, you can never gained anything from what you have done. Please give your 100% commitment in everything you do and be a responsible person for yourself and the others.

I wish all of you anticipating your four years uni life studying in USM. Please don’t hesitate to ask help from seniors, I bet they are more than willing to help but be more independent as well, don’t so dependent on seniors. Sometimes is good to go through trials and errors. Lol..

Good luck guys! Is my last semester in USM and is the beginning for you guys! Have an amazing and unforgettable undergraduate life and be proud of yourself one day when you looked back! All the best..

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Guendeline Phoon was the President of The USM Management Society, Board of 2011/2012.

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