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First of all, please make sure that you printed out the attachments (Lampiran A, B, G & H, Lampiran E for Diploma holder that wish to make any unit exemption) and the orientaion week schedule (Lampiran D). My advice is, just print whole {BUKU PANDUAN]. Go through it and make sure you understand it.

Before registration

  1. Preparation of Documents
    Please make sure you prepare enough copies of a document according to the guidance. Please refer to Lampiran H. To certify it, you can ask your school Pengetua or PK or whoever that belong to Kumpulan Pengurusan Dan Profesional (Gred A) to do so. If you forget or not enough time to do so, don’t worry. You may ask your dean/deputy dean to help you certify it after orientation. (For PTPTN matter)
  2. Offer Letter
    Use only original Offer Letter, if you only receive it few days before registration, just photostat few copies and bring it to USM. For those who still don’t receive it on 31 August, don’t worry and just come to USM register yourself. USM will print a new Offer Letter for you.
  3. Passport Sized Photo
    – Just in case, just prepare 8 pieces of it. Preferable to wear a formal or semi formal attire (collar T-shirt).
    P/s: Not necessary latest, as long as your face didn’t change much.
  4. Fees
    – Regarding the fees, you can either pay it before enter university or after. You can pay it during orientation week, a counter will be open on the second day.
    – If you want to pay it after orientation week, you can go to Jabatan Bendahari. The time as below:
    Monday-Thursday: 8.30am – 12.30pm, 2.30pm -4.30pm
    Friday: 8.30am – 12.30pm, 3pm – 4.30pm
  5. WPP
    – If you want to use it, cash it from the bank. (You will be required to open CIMB bank if you don’t have one)
    – If you don’t want to use it, just ignore it. For those who are not borrowing/failed to get the loan, you have to pay it back to PTPTN with zero interest. For those who borrow loan from PTPTN, the money will automatically deduct from your account, from Sem 2 – Sem 4 (sometimes the system will deduct from Sem 1 – 3, it’s depend), each sem will deduct RM500. (If you don’t understand, the PPSL in-charged will guide you).
  6. Dress Code
    – Refer to the bukupanduan.
    – During orientation, it is compulsory to wear in FORMAL attire. (Just like our matriculation days XD )
    * For boys, long sleeve or short sleeve kemeja, just any colours.
    * For girls, blouse with long slack or skirt (above knees is ok, as long the skirt is not too short like Thailand style) If you don’t want to wear OL style, just wear baju kurung. Problem solved xDDD (P/s: Please don’t wear high heel because you will need to walk a lot.)

    – Just semi formal. Actually casual also can. It’s all depend to your lecturer.
    Phamacy students compulsory wear formal everyday.
    – Education student will have to wear formal once a week.
    – Usually, during presentation need to wear formal too. But, again it’s all depend to your lecturer.
    – For science and industrial technology students. Please bring along your lab coat for lab work if you want to save your RM35 😀 (Make sure it is long sleeve lab coat) 

    *P/s: Your precious asset : HAIR~
    – It can be short, long, bald, curly, dye and etc. There no rules against your hair then. Just that, don’t too over. If you wanna dye your hair, go ahead. Just don’t pick striking colors like pink, silver, green or rainbow head or traffic light head. Just apply the moral value that we learn in high school – kesederhanaan ok lexDDD

    – Ring, necklace, striking hairband, makeup and whatsoever is allowed in USM.

    – Electrical devices: Hair dryer, Hair Iron, Hair Curler, Water Heater, Iron, Speaker, Rice Cooker, Multicooker & etc. If you wish to bring, can bring (tanggung sendiri la). Very few cases students get fined by hostel management. WHY? Because, we seldom have room spotcheck. (all big dy right?)
    – Bedding: Pillow, bantal busuk, bed sheet, bear & etc. Bring it yourself or just buy it here.
    – Security: Prepare padlock. To lock your wardrobe. If you want, you can buy the lock to lock your laptop too. 

    Doesn’t bring
    – Money: Don’t bring too much cash along with you, just put it in the bank and bring your ATM card. Here we have a lot of ATM (Am Bank, CIMB, Bank Islam, BSN,Bank Muamalat). We even have 3 banks (BSN, CIMB, MUAMALAT) and will be 4 (Bank Islam) soon. Outside the campus, we have Hong Leong and Maybank ATM.
    But the most convenient one is CIMB with 3 ATM and bank and after that is Bank Islam with 3 ATM (soon with bank too, just wait~).
    – Daily necessities: 10-15 minutes walk from USM Sungai Dua gate to Tesco. We also have a few minimarkets in USM. Just don’t be worried, we are surroundedby market. Problem solved like a boss! P? s: 5 minutes walk from Sungai Dua gate, we have super many fast food outlets such as KFC, McD, Pizza Hutz, New York Pizza, Subway and Baskin Robbins. There are night market every Wednesday (Gelugor) and Saturday (Sungai Dua).
    – Medicine: Just in case, preparepanadols & plasters


Orientation Week

  1. Registration (1 Sept 2013)
    Casual/Semi Formal Wear + IC = ✓
    – Refer to Buku Panduan to follow the session that USM had arranged for you.
    – For those who have some problem and can not register follow the session, you can register earlier or later. No problem. Don’t worry. [Usually the students come by flight]
    – Not need wear formal. Just stand by your IC for registration, other documents not need at all. The registration only will take you a few seconds. (Just to bluff!) After registering, you must choose one or two of your family members to attend the taklimat ibu bapa. (If can’t, also nevermind. Don’t worry). You & the rest can go to your room to clean it. (During the Taklimat ibu bapa, pegawai will brief them some rules and regulations, talks about the history of USM, achievement of USM, facilities in USM. Yeah, that’s all and maybe some jokes. So, no attend also nevermindde la.)
    – Clean your room, and take a good rest =)
    – 6pm-7pm go have your dinner and standby, for Restu, Tekun & Saujana (RST) normally will gather on 7.30pm, and walk to DTSP. (FORMAL). Aman Damai and Indah Kembara (IK) also need to prepare earlier too. Other desasiswa such as Cahaya Gemilang (CG), Bakti Permai and Fajar Harapan quite near. So, don’t rush.
    – Listen to the taklimat, VC will welcome you. Brief you some rules and regulations, talk about history of USM, achievement of USM, facilities in USM and thats all.Maybe some jokes?
    – 11pm go back hostel. PPSL will brief you schedule regarding the next day.
  2. Monday to Wednesday (2-4 September 2013)
    – You are not allow to leave the campus.
    – Follow what PPSL said. Don’t be naughty, don’t skip, don’t escape don’t sleep during taklimat. (Especially Bakti students, you are not more than 100 people. So, easy to detect. It’s different compared to other desa that have 200-500 students. So, please don’t try to escape!)
    – The taklimat is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Don’t sleep, focus! If you missed any important information, it might cause you big problem. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!
    – Any slot just refers to the Lampiran D that you had printed out. The PPSL also will remind you from time to time. So, don’t worry. 😉
  3. Thursday & Friday (5-6 September 2013)
    – You are not allowed to leave the campus.
    HaribersamaPusatPengajian (school). Please attend this! For Course Registration!
    – The taklimat is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Don’t sleep, focus! If you missed any important information, it might cause you big problem. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!
    – Don’t be shy, ask your dean and your future lecturers ask many questions as you can. Try to understand the course system.
  4. Last but not Least (6-8 September 2013)
    – Those who go to Pimpin Siswa (Kumpulan 1), enjoy it till max! It is a very interesting and fun camp! You will learn a lot of new knowledge and know more friends =)What you will get for free:-
    A duck lip cap
    1 long sleeve T-shirt
    1 Short sleeve T-shirt
    An USM bag

    What you MUST bring:
    a smiling face
    a happy mood
    1-2 Towel
    Tissue Paper
    Mosquito Repellent
    1 Drinking water (you can refill the water @ your camp)
    2-3 old collor T-shirt that you plan to throw away
    2-3 long sports pants
    2-3 long socks that still in good condition (got reason)
    slipper (wear it gobath)
    1 Rubber shoes (if you bring sport shoes, make sure you bring an old and still in good condition shoes. If possible bring two pairs, because if your shoes wet you still have another one to stand by.)
    And other necessities that I didn’t mention above…

    Or those who belong to other Kumpulan, USM will have some program with you. But, only on Friday.

    For Saturday and Sunday, if you want to go out, you can do so. But make sure you know the way back. (If forget the way back, just call the police! JK~ If possible, ask any senior to join, or you can invite along the kakak and abang PPSL)


 After Orientation

9 September 2013 onward~~~

FREEDOM!! You can go everywhere you want. Can sleep until what time you want (But, please wake up and go to class). You can go out anytime since the gate never closes. Even 3am want to go nasi Kandar also no problem.

REMEMBER! Please don’t forget to go to class! And your medical checkup appointment!

Welcome to USM – one of the most beautiful campus and surrounded with food stalls and so near with many shopping complex in Malaysia.

Have fun : )


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