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School of Computer Sciences FAQ

School of Computer Sciences - View from Side


These are the frequently asked questions:

  1. What will I study in Computer Sciences?
    CS students are required to choose a specialisation (major): –

    1. Information Systems Engineering
    2. Multimedia Computing
    3. Distributed Systems & Security
    4. Network Computing
    5. Software Engineering
    6. Intelligent Systems

And ONE either Minor or Electives.
For the details, you will know in time.

  1. What is the best specialisation and minor?
    There are no best specialisation or minor. Remember, all roads lead to Rome.
  2. What language will be conducted for CS?
    English will be used as medium of language. However, for University courses, Bahasa Malaysia will be used.
  3. Any specialised place for CS students to study, doing assignments?
    Yes, five CS Labs at School of CS third floor.
  4. What’s the opening time of CS Lab?
    Weekdays: 8am to 10pm
    Weekends: 8am to 7pm

    Subject to changes*

  5. Any food stalls nearby School of CS?
    Kafeteria Fajar Harapan, just opposite of the school. Or you may walk to outside using Sungai Dua Gate, food paradise is just out there.
  1. Any specification requirement for the laptop?
    No, just make sure it’s not too old.
  2. I have no foundation in programming, computer sciences, how should I do?
    Many seniors do not have it too, believe it or not, we walked through these, and still kicking. Don’t worry.
  3. CS hard to score?
    No pain no gain.
  4. What kind of lecturer will I meet?
    No worries, CS lecturers are nice + friendly, given that you don’t step on their toes.
  5. Can we skip the lectures? No, you better not. First time skipping, the next lecture you will think that lecturer speaking German to you; second time you did, the lecturer speaks ALIENS.
  6. Where is School of CS? And where’s the main office?
    Position of CS School
    Position of CS School

    CS School View

    School of Computer Sciences is from third to seventh floor of the building.  For ground floor to second floor, that is School of Mathematical Sciences. School of Computer Sciences’  Main office is at seventh floor.

  7. I don’t need to join any co-curricular activities, do I?

    Yes, you don’t have to, but you might need them to get the units(3 units) for graduation, moreover, joining societies and clubs and their activities gain you myCSD, which is important to secure a hostel room. Joining or not, that is for you to decide.

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