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Fast Facts for USM Intake 2016/2017

Fast Facts for USM Intake 2016/2017 (First Degree / Undergraduates Programmes)

Tarikh-tarikh Penting Kemasukan USM Sidang Akademik 2016/2017 (Ijazah Sarjana Muda) Calon Lepasan STPM/Setaraf

Campus Safety

USM does offer safe and peaceful surroundings, but it is also our responsibility to follow some of the common tips to stay safe – no matter you are living on or off campus. USM constantly works closely with local police force to provide a better and a safe tier environment to the students.

Advice for staying safe on campus:

  • Avoid walking or cycling alone in isolated areas or along isolated and unlit or poorly lit footpaths.
  • Arrange to walk with others at night and keep to well-lit streets or the main road.
  • Avoid using mobile phones when walking alone or when in large crowds.
  • Always lock your room when you leave and don’t let strangers get into your buildings.
  • Use the bank machine in daylight hours if possible, don’t use them is anyone suspicious is hanging around.
  • When carrying a bag, keep the opening in sight or against your body.
  • Don’t keep the keys in your bag, and don’t carry large sums of money around – carry only what you need.


  • If you lost your belongings within the USM main campus, you need to make a report to the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan) and if necessary they will bring you to file a report in the nearby police station.
  • If any accidents or stealing case happened within USM, please do contact the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan), they are very kind of helping.
  • Be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan) or you can call to the police on 999.


Save these numbers into your mobile phone, or make a note of them, so they’re on-hand if and when you need them.

24 Hours Emergency Hotline (+604) 653 4999
Security Department
(Jabatan Keselamatan) Counter
(+604) 653 4333 / 4334
Direct Line (+604) 657 3970
USM Hotline

(Interruption of electricity, water, fire & health problems after office hour)

(+604) 653 3423
Gelugor Police Station (+604) 657 0222 /
(+604) 269 1999

[Sharing] Incredible journey in Management Society, Universiti Sains Malaysia | Guendeline Phoon

Today I’m gonna write something very unrelated to my usual blog posts. Something that I’ve never thought about writing it one day. What else that I gained joining as a Management Society aka MS member. Haha..odd topic! Anyway this is a post requested by my friend and I think no harm blogging it. 3 years back when I joined as a MS member, I still don’t own this blog so too bad.. now I’ve got to recall what happened 3 years ago! ><

When I first enter university, there are many societies and student organizations to choose from. My first intention is to brush up my English so societies which required us to speak English is my priority. Three years back, the newbies recruitment day for clubs and societies carry on in DK Foyer is so much happening comparing to these days. Continue reading [Sharing] Incredible journey in Management Society, Universiti Sains Malaysia | Guendeline Phoon

Introduction of Community Engagement

The social and egalitarian awakening at the beginning of the 20th century has resulted in universities gradually emphasizing commitment to the welfare and well-being of the society they are in. Universities are expected to cultivate closer and more meaningful relations with the world outside. Although human resource development is still a core mission, universities are also expected to always serve and protect the public good. As the university seeks mutually beneficial relationships with communities to address communities’ issues and needs, the approach to engagement must be effective with a high impact and must venture beyond an outreach or extension and service. Continue reading Introduction of Community Engagement

[Sharing] 10 Ways of Living A University Life – A Brief Summary From My Observation & Experience | Lim Gene Harn

I have said before that university is the learning curve that really matters. Even though being the short 3-5 years and might be only the 10% of your life time duration, many have said this is your greatest turning point, easiest answer to this is because it’s where we really start learning and discovering ourselves and setting our directions. Throughout my past 2 years of university life, i have seen all walks of life having their different paths that somehow would pretty determine what they would do in their future due to the opportunities. To all the juniors of USM, i would really want to share this as i always respect people who see their personal development matters for their future. Treasure your university life, it’s the growth curve that really matters.

I could pretty conclude that there’s no right or wrong in whatever path you take, but what ultimately matters is what you really want in this university life? What do you want to achieve? There is no too big or small to be correct or wrong. It’s something personal but you are here with an objective for sure. If not why are you here?

1. Travelling abroad to represent Uni/Malaysia for various Conference/Meets of a specific Issue.

Same time can do travelling too! I am glad that USM has sponsored me to India and Indonesia so far =) Next Germany!

2. Get involve in Local, National clubs/ activities, even sportsclub. Personally I did join a squeeze of a bit of most of the things in USM but majorly in AIESEC. Continue reading [Sharing] 10 Ways of Living A University Life – A Brief Summary From My Observation & Experience | Lim Gene Harn

The Whole-Listic Students | Lik Meng

We don’t want students to be bookworms. We want them to have soft-skills, to be able to have emotions, to be able to relate and interact with other people, to be able to communicate and express themselves.

We don’t want students to merely study for exams. We want them to contribute to the community to uplift the lives of the poor and the unfortunate. We want them to have high moral values and ethics. We don’t want them to be mere followers. We want them to lead and innovate and think of new ways and new ideas to improve the world we live in.

We want them to do so many things other than study in the classroom or their bedrooms. Continue reading The Whole-Listic Students | Lik Meng

[Sharing] 17 Lessons I Learnt – Being A Local University Student In USM For 2 Years | Wilson Beh

So, the UPU result is finally out.

Congratulation to those who have been awarded your 1st choice, your many years of hard work is paid off and here comes a new beginning; if you don’t,  do not worry as God will not shut one door without opening another, the best is always yet to come. 

Local university students in Malaysia are often regarded as 2nd class as compared to private and overseas undergraduates.

One of the main reasons is public does not have confidence in Malaysia’s education system – many people have the perception that the  lectures are not conducted in English and the quality of  lecturers and students likewise are far from excellence.

It is true that the standard of our public institutions are still lagging behind to many world renowned universities – but it is more than adequate to prepare you to be a better individual and propel you forward with the unique experiences provided by local universities.

My two years local university’s life has taught me something. Yes, students who study overseas have some advantages and competitive edges. However it is only limited to those who cherish the opportunities and make the most abroad.  In this era of social media, it doesn’t really matter anymore on where you study but how great do you let your dreams soar and how wild do you let your imagination run? 

There are so many successful local undergraduates in the corporate or public services. And we certainly can be like them. 

There are many ups, downs, bittersweet and sour which have shaped my 2-year journey to be a fruitful one. I experienced many ‘first’ in my life in this short span of time: chaired a press conference, mentored by the Prime Minister in a closed-door session, featured on the front page of newspaper, initiated a few social and business projects, co-curated an international conference for the first time in Penang, and the list goes on. Continue reading [Sharing] 17 Lessons I Learnt – Being A Local University Student In USM For 2 Years | Wilson Beh

[Sharing] Little Thoughts in My University Journey | Foong Han Yang

Four years = 1 FIFA World Cup;
Four years = 1 Olympics Games.
Four years = my university journey and it has just been completed in June 2013.

In these 1091 days, I was like sailing on a vast ocean of possibilities and uncertainties. There were times I immersed in glorious moments and there were times I was tested by waves of challenges. After riding through this journey, I am now a more mature and wiser person ready for the next adventure. At this point as a recent graduate, there are too many words and uncountable thoughts in my mind and please allow me to share some with you.

Six Advices

To win a game, you need to know and play with the rules. Likewise, in order to make your university life better, smoother and more enriching, you may consider my humble advices: Continue reading [Sharing] Little Thoughts in My University Journey | Foong Han Yang

[Sharing] 10 Things I Learnt in University | Lim Gene Harn

Everyone has had their university experience. 3 years was a short one to me. I always make a self evaluation since college life, be it monthly or quarterly, this time it is a wrap up on whatever i have gone through in the last 3 years of University. It is a follow up after i did some filtering on whatever photo i took for the past 3 years as a frequent event photographer, you can view it HERE (if you are my friend in FB) This isn’t some quotes from warren buffet or Richard Branson or whosoever, it’s just my piece of words from the bits and pieces i have gone through.

So the 10 things i learnt in University life.

I believe in the power of Blessings. Whatever that belongs to you will eventually belong to you because God has set it so. I always take life as a scene within the realm of blessings, well some say Karma, but it’s around the same context. There are both happiness and excitement in receiving and giving. I realize this during the 3rd year when i stop my pace of activities and started to look into caring for others more, i have received a lot during the first 2 years, good challenges and stress.. and financially provided, and i decided to sew into the lives of others. This is not about Financial everytime but knowledge, perspectives and also mentorship. Continue reading [Sharing] 10 Things I Learnt in University | Lim Gene Harn

[Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang

First of all, please make sure that you printed out the attachments (Lampiran A, B, G & H, Lampiran E for Diploma holder that wish to make any unit exemption) and the orientaion week schedule (Lampiran D). My advice is, just print whole {BUKU PANDUAN]. Go through it and make sure you understand it.

Before registration

  1. Preparation of Documents
    Please make sure you prepare enough copies of a document according to the guidance. Please refer to Lampiran H. To certify it, you can ask your school Pengetua or PK or whoever that belong to Kumpulan Pengurusan Dan Profesional (Gred A) to do so. If you forget or not enough time to do so, don’t worry. You may ask your dean/deputy dean to help you certify it after orientation. (For PTPTN matter)
  2. Offer Letter
    Use only original Offer Letter, if you only receive it few days before registration, just photostat few copies and bring it to USM. For those who still don’t receive it on 31 August, don’t worry and just come to USM register yourself. USM will print a new Offer Letter for you.
  3. Passport Sized Photo
    – Just in case, just prepare 8 pieces of it. Preferable to wear a formal or semi formal attire (collar T-shirt).
    P/s: Not necessary latest, as long as your face didn’t change much. Continue reading [Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang