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Campus Safety

USM does offer safe and peaceful surroundings, but it is also our responsibility to follow some of the common tips to stay safe – no matter you are living on or off campus. USM constantly works closely with local police force to provide a better and a safe tier environment to the students.

Advice for staying safe on campus:

  • Avoid walking or cycling alone in isolated areas or along isolated and unlit or poorly lit footpaths.
  • Arrange to walk with others at night and keep to well-lit streets or the main road.
  • Avoid using mobile phones when walking alone or when in large crowds.
  • Always lock your room when you leave and don’t let strangers get into your buildings.
  • Use the bank machine in daylight hours if possible, don’t use them is anyone suspicious is hanging around.
  • When carrying a bag, keep the opening in sight or against your body.
  • Don’t keep the keys in your bag, and don’t carry large sums of money around – carry only what you need.


  • If you lost your belongings within the USM main campus, you need to make a report to the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan) and if necessary they will bring you to file a report in the nearby police station.
  • If any accidents or stealing case happened within USM, please do contact the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan), they are very kind of helping.
  • Be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Security Department (Jabatan Keselamatan) or you can call to the police on 999.


Save these numbers into your mobile phone, or make a note of them, so they’re on-hand if and when you need them.

24 Hours Emergency Hotline (+604) 653 4999
Security Department
(Jabatan Keselamatan) Counter
(+604) 653 4333 / 4334
Direct Line (+604) 657 3970
USM Hotline

(Interruption of electricity, water, fire & health problems after office hour)

(+604) 653 3423
Gelugor Police Station (+604) 657 0222 /
(+604) 269 1999