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[Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang

First of all, please make sure that you printed out the attachments (Lampiran A, B, G & H, Lampiran E for Diploma holder that wish to make any unit exemption) and the orientaion week schedule (Lampiran D). My advice is, just print whole {BUKU PANDUAN]. Go through it and make sure you understand it.

Before registration

  1. Preparation of Documents
    Please make sure you prepare enough copies of a document according to the guidance. Please refer to Lampiran H. To certify it, you can ask your school Pengetua or PK or whoever that belong to Kumpulan Pengurusan Dan Profesional (Gred A) to do so. If you forget or not enough time to do so, don’t worry. You may ask your dean/deputy dean to help you certify it after orientation. (For PTPTN matter)
  2. Offer Letter
    Use only original Offer Letter, if you only receive it few days before registration, just photostat few copies and bring it to USM. For those who still don’t receive it on 31 August, don’t worry and just come to USM register yourself. USM will print a new Offer Letter for you.
  3. Passport Sized Photo
    – Just in case, just prepare 8 pieces of it. Preferable to wear a formal or semi formal attire (collar T-shirt).
    P/s: Not necessary latest, as long as your face didn’t change much. Continue reading [Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang