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TORAY Scholarship Program: Annual Scholarships for USM Undergraduates


In furtherance to Toray’s corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products”, TORAY Group (Malaysia) of Companies has embarked on yet another education/HR initiative to enhance human capital development, via a Scholarship program called “TORAY Scholarship Program”.

Knowing “TORAY Scholarship Program” via “5 Ws & IH”.

WHY a Need for TORAY Scholarship Program?

TORAY Scholarship Program serves two purposes:

  1. An added CSR initiatives for the local community in which Toray operates.
  2. To develop highly educated and knowledge-based personnel for Toray and Malaysia.

WHAT is TORAY Scholarship Program?

TORAY Scholarship Program is a Scholarship program initiated by TORAY Group (Malaysia) of Companies to assist eligible Malaysian undergraduates to pursue full-time bachelor degree courses at the selected local university(ies). The graduates will be offered suitable jobs upon completion of their studies, for them to build a long term career with the Toray Group of Companies.

The identified groups/courses are as follow:

  1. Target Students
    Students who have been offered undergraduate courses at the “Universiti Sains Malaysia” (USM).
  2. Target Disciplines
    Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering (including Polymer Engineering), Chemical Sciences and other related fields of study.

WHO are eligible for TORAY Scholarship Program?

  1. New or existing undergraduates enrolled in USM.
  2. Good academic results.
  3. Not bound under government / other private scholarship / financial assistance.
  4. Keen to serve in the Toray Group for a specified period upon completion of studies.

WHEN are the deadlines/timelines for TORAY Scholarship Program?

The timelines students should look out for in this yearly programs are as follows:

Aug * Announcement of TORAY Scholarship Program via University’s and TORAY’s website.
* Application open.
End Sep * Application close.
* Compilation, screening and short-listing of applicants.
Mid Oct * Interview and selection
End Oct * Finalization and confirmation of respective recipients.
* Signing of Scholarship Agreement.
* First installment payment to new scholarship recipients.

WHERE can Application for TORAY Scholarship Program be submitted?

Duly completed and signed Forms (together with necessary documents) may be submitted to TORAY Group (Malaysia) in two ways:

  1. By posting the original Form together with the required documents to the TORAY Scholarship Secretariat; OR
  2. By hand delivery to the TORAY Scholarship Secretariat.

How can recipients benefit from the TORAY Scholarship Program?

  1. An offer of RM9,000 scholarship payment for each year of study, until the completion of the course taken. The scholarship shall be paid directly to the university in two installments, that is RM4,500 at the beginning of each semester.
  2. An opportunity for students to do practical trainings and internship at TORAY Group (Malaysia) during the semester breaks and a chance to attend any social function of the Company, whenever invited.

Toray Scholarship Program for year 2016 is now open for registration.
Interested applicants are encourage to download the Application Form at the link below. All Forms must reach the TORAY Scholarship Secretariat not later than 28th September, 2016. Any late submissions will not be considered.

For more information and requirements on TORAY Scholarship Program, kindly refer to the guideline in the Application Form.
For further enquiries, please email us at recruit.hr@toray.com.my.

More info – http://www.toray.com.my/career/scholarship.html

Application Download