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USMinfo, Your Campus 101 Guide is now collaborating with USM


USMinfo is now an official site for students to keep themselves updated with news related to them. USM understands that student understand student more, thus USM took the chance to collaborate with USMinfo to bring news closer to students. This is a great honour for USMinfo. The team promise to continue the efforts and together with USM, we will surely to make it better for the current students and the up-coming students. USMinfo would like to take this chance to thank USM and students of USM for making this a possible achievement.

USMinfo is a platform to serve as a one-stop centre for information dissemination to future and present USMers by facilitating information sharing among USM students. USM with the ads from students have made information transfer a successful and thorough one. A facebook group – USM Info Sharing Corner started its objective to facilitate information sharing among USM students since 2010. Increasing number of students meaning the increase effectiveness of information dissemination regarding events, lecture classes / tutorials adjustments, latest announcements from USM administrative and everything else that has to do with Universiti Sains Malaysia. Lately, it has become a trend. Be a part of the group now and start subscribing to the page to stay updated.

The creator of USM Info Sharing Corner then started MyUSMinfo in July 2013. Then coming with USMinfo as an informative page in Facebook, email, Wechat and Twitter. USM Info Sharing Corner and MyUSMinfo operating together to share information, complementing each other. Students or visitors to MyUSMinfo will be able to find information with much ease. Owing to that, MyUSMinfo is able to gather around 78,000 visits and 150,000 page views in just one year! MyUSMinfo have been rebranded as USMinfo on July 2016, along with initiatives taken to facilitate smoother information dissemination and content updates.

Serving as a one-stop centre for information in USM, USMinfo features not only the latest news or happenings in USM, but also upcoming events. Accommodation problem before registration can be solved. USMinfo provides you with the contacts and details of the accommodation, saving you the trouble to ‘Google’ all of them.

All the troubles faced by present students, incoming students, event organizers, parents of USM students, lecturers, staffs or just anyone who wants to know more about USM can be solved by USM Info Sharing Corner and USMinfo.

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Supported Projects
Chinese New Year USM (Penang) 理大新春
USM Mid-Autumn Festival 理大中秋
University Enrolment Sharing Session (UESS) 全国公共大专入学辅导