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Medical Check Up Notice

:: Medical Check Up Notice ::

Kepada semua pelajar Kampus Induk, anda diwajibkan untuk menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan (Medical Check Up) termasuk pemeriksaan X-Ray Dada, di Pusat Sejahtera / Pusat Kesihatan Kampus Induk USM. Anda dan juga semua rakan–rakan seperjuangan, akan diberi temujanji apabila anda melapor diri nanti.

Namun bagi pelajar–pelajar baharu Kampus Kejuruteraan Nibong Tebal, anda dikehendaki melakukan pemeriksaan kesihatan di Unit Kesihatan, Kampus Kejuruteraan. Pelajar TIDAK PERLU membuat pemeriksaan X-Ray di luar sebelum memasuki. Pelajar akan menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan di Unit Kesihatan, Kampus Kejuruteraan. Pegawai Perubatan akan memberi penasihatan kepada pelajar sekiranya ada keperluan untuk buat X-ray.

Semua pelajar Kampus Kesihatan WAJIB  membuat Pemeriksaan Kesihatan (RME) dan X-ray dada  di Klinik Rawatan Keluarga (KRK), Hospital USM. Temujanji RME akan diberi dan diadakan semasa program siswa lestari, sila patuhi tarikh dan masa yang ditepatkan. Siswa yang berasal dari Kelantan digalakkan untuk membuat RME di KRK Hospital USM sebelum melaporkan diri.

Siswa yang mendapat tawaran program pengajian Ijazah Doktor Perubatan, Ijazah Doktor Pergigian, Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Kesihatan (Kepujian) (Kejururawatan) dan Diploma Kejururawatan WAJIB menjalani ujian saringan HIV, Hepatitis Bs Antigen, Hepatitis Bs Antibodi dan Hepatitis C. Sila gunakan borang di LAMPIRAN A untuk kebenaran pengambilan sampel darah bagi ujian berkenaan. Sila bawa salinan asal keputusan ujian darah untuk disemak pada hari pendaftaran.

Untuk siswa Politeknik Port Dickson (PPD) akan menjalani Pemeriksaan Kesihatan di Kampus Induk pada Minggu Siswa Lestari.


Sumber: Pusat Sejahtera USM

For more information, you can refer to buku panduan ‘3.0: Laporan Pemeriksaan Kesihatan‘.

Ways to go Engineering Campus

Going to USM KKJ

Uploading of IC to Pohon@USM



Dear freshmen, be reminded that you’re required to upload a photocopy of your IC (coloured or B/W as long as it’s clearly legible, in PDF format) to the Pohon@USM portal.
If you do not have a scanner at home, you can use a document scanning app with your smartphone. Here’s how it works (using one such app, CamScanner, available for Android and iOS):

1. Open CamScanner app
2. Tap on the camera icon
3. Select ‘Docs’ and carefully take a full-sized photo of the IC (front side)
4. Confirm crop and save the scanned image
5. Open the image in the app and save (share) as PDF file
6. Upload the PDF file to Pohon@USM

(If you prefer to use other scanning apps, the procedures may differ slightly but the basics are the same)

Please check that the resulting PDF file is less than 1MB in size before uploading, as the system supports upload of maximum 1MB in a single file.


What to do?

What to bring?

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.26.01 PM 1

1st Day of Registration in USM 

  • Smart casual with collar t-shirt, long pants and covered shoes
  • IC and all necessary documents
  • Please be punctual
  • Please register (daftar diri) at correct venue
  • After done registration, proceed to your room and clean up your room
  • Prepare for activities at night

General Attire for Orientation Week

  • Strictly only formal attire OR baju kurung allowed for whole week events.
  • White long sleeve formal shirt OR baju kurung (white color) required for Majlis Sambutan Siswa (Male & Female)
  • Prepare sport attire (track bottom, t-shirt and sport shoes) for walkrobik which involve activities walking around the campus (Male & Female)


Things that you need to prepare before entering USM


  • Male are recommended to wear long or short sleeve formal shirt with necktie (prepare 4 to 5 sets)
  • Female are recommended to wear formal attire with long formal pants or baju kurung, not encourage to wear formal skirt (especially formal skirt above knee)
  • Sweater
  • Sport attire (track bottom & t-shirts)


  • Formal shoes
  • Sport shoes
  • ‘Wa Wa shoes’ or closed toe shoes
  • Strightly NO high heel allowed for female

Documents (For PTPTN, JPA or Scholarships)

  • Photocopy of IC (Students, Parents & ‘Penjaga’)
  • Photocopy of offer letter
  • Pay Slips
  • Certificates (Original & Certified Photocopy Certificates)
  • Other necessary documents

Personal Amenities

  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Slipper
  • Pail (Please buy it at Penang or around/inside USM)
  • Light Food (Bread & Biscuit) & Energy Drink (for the use of orientation week)
  • Pillow / Pillow Case
  • Blanket & Bed Sheet
  • Towels
  • Umbrella
  • Drinking Bottle
  • Cleaning Tools (To clean the room in your first check in)

Electric Appliances

Each hostel will have their very own pantry which provided facilities as below:

  • Drinking Water Dipenser
  • Iron
  • Self Operated Washing Machines

However, you may bring your own electronic appliances at your own risk

  • Kettle
  • Hair dryer
  • Extension

**All electric appliances are not allowed in USM.