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Main Campus Co-Curriculum

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  1. WCC103 – Catan Asas
  2. WCC105 – Gamelan
  3. WCC107 – Gitar
  4. WCC108 – Jazz Band 1
  5. WCC208 – Jazz Band 2
  6. WCC308 – Jazz Band 3
  7. WCC109 – Koir
  8. WCC110 – Kraftangan
  9. WCC115 – Tarian Moden
  10. WCC116 – Tarian Tradisional
  11. WCC117 – Teater Moden
  12. WCC118 – Wayang Kulit Melayu
  13. WCC119 – Senaman Qigong Asas
  14. WCC219 – Senaman Qigong Pertengahan
  15. WCC120 – Canting Batik
  16. WCC121 – Seni Khat
  17. WCC122 – Seni Memasak
  18. WCC123 – Silat Cekak Malaysia 1
  19. WCC223 – Silat Cekak Malaysia 2
  20. WCC323 – Silat Cekak Malaysia 3
  21. WCC124 – Kompang Berlagu
  22. WCC125 – Seni Wau Tradisional
  23. WCC128 – Kraftangan (Sulaman)
  24. WCC130 – Seni Fotografi SLR Digital
  25. WSU101 – Isu Kelestarian
  26. WEC101 – Pengucapan Awam


  1. WSC105 – Bola Tampar
  2. WSC106 – Golf
  3. WSC108 – Karate 1
  4. WSC208 – Karate 2
  5. WSC308 – Karate 3
  6. WSC110 – Memanah
  7. WSC111 – Ping Pong
  8. WSC112 – Renang
  9. WSC113 – Senamrobik
  10. WSC114 – Skuasy
  11. WSC115 – Taekwondo 1
  12. WSC215 – Taekwondo 2
  13. WSC315 – Taekwondo 3
  14. WSC116 – Tenis
  15. WSC119 – Badminton
  16. WSC122 – Selaman Scuba
  17. WSC123 – Kriket
  18. WSC124 – Sepak Takraw
  19. WSC125 – Futsal
  20. WSC126 – Bola Jaring
  21. WSC127 – Pengurusan Acara 1
  22. WSC227 – Pengurusan Acara 2


Rancangan Pakaian Beruniform Bersenjata (PACKAGED WITH 6 UNITS FOR 6 SEMESTERS)

  1. Palapes Tentera Darat
    WTD102 – Palapes Tentera Darat Peringkat Rendah
    WTD202 – Palapes Tentera Darat Peringkat Pertengahan
    WTD302 – Palapes Tentera Darat Peringkat Tinggi
  2. Palapes Tentera Laut
    WTL102 – Palapes Tentera Laut Peringkat Rendah
    WTL202 – Palapes Tentera Laut Peringkat Pertengahan
    WTL302 – Palapes Tentera Laut Peringkat Tinggi
  3. Palapes Tentera Udara
    WTU102 – Palapes Tentera Udara Peringkat Rendah
    WTU202 – Palapes Tentera Udara Peringkat Peertengahan
    WTU302 – Palapes Tentera Udara Peringkat Tinggi
  4. Suksis (KOR Sukarelawan Polis Siswa / Siswi)
    WPD101 – Suksis Peringkat Rendah
    WPD201 – Suksis Peringkat Pertengahan
    WPD301 – Suksis Peringkat Tinggi


  1. Kumpulan Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia
    WLK102 – Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia Peringkat Pertama
    WLK202 – Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia Peringkat Kedua
  2. Pasukan Ambulans St. John
    WJA102 – PasukanAmbulans St. John I
    WJA202 – PasukanAmbulans St. John II
  3. Pasukan Bantuan Kecemasan Bulan Sabit Merah
    WBM102 – Latihan Bantuan Kecemasan Bulan Sabit Merah Peringkat Pertama
    WBM202 – Latihan Bantuan Kecemasan Bulan Sabit Merah Peringkat Kedua
  4. SISPA (Siswa / Siswi Pertahanan Awam Malaysia)
    WPA102 – Sispa Peringkat I
    WPA202 – Sispa Peringkat II
  5. Rancangan Khidmat Masyarakat
    WKM102 – Khidmat Komuniti
    WKM202 – Khidmat Komuniti


Sources: Pusat Rancangan Ko-Kurikulum Official Website http://kok.usm.my/


[Sharing] 10 Things I Learnt in University | Lim Gene Harn

Everyone has had their university experience. 3 years was a short one to me. I always make a self evaluation since college life, be it monthly or quarterly, this time it is a wrap up on whatever i have gone through in the last 3 years of University. It is a follow up after i did some filtering on whatever photo i took for the past 3 years as a frequent event photographer, you can view it HERE (if you are my friend in FB) This isn’t some quotes from warren buffet or Richard Branson or whosoever, it’s just my piece of words from the bits and pieces i have gone through.

So the 10 things i learnt in University life.

I believe in the power of Blessings. Whatever that belongs to you will eventually belong to you because God has set it so. I always take life as a scene within the realm of blessings, well some say Karma, but it’s around the same context. There are both happiness and excitement in receiving and giving. I realize this during the 3rd year when i stop my pace of activities and started to look into caring for others more, i have received a lot during the first 2 years, good challenges and stress.. and financially provided, and i decided to sew into the lives of others. This is not about Financial everytime but knowledge, perspectives and also mentorship. Continue reading [Sharing] 10 Things I Learnt in University | Lim Gene Harn

[Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang

First of all, please make sure that you printed out the attachments (Lampiran A, B, G & H, Lampiran E for Diploma holder that wish to make any unit exemption) and the orientaion week schedule (Lampiran D). My advice is, just print whole {BUKU PANDUAN]. Go through it and make sure you understand it.

Before registration

  1. Preparation of Documents
    Please make sure you prepare enough copies of a document according to the guidance. Please refer to Lampiran H. To certify it, you can ask your school Pengetua or PK or whoever that belong to Kumpulan Pengurusan Dan Profesional (Gred A) to do so. If you forget or not enough time to do so, don’t worry. You may ask your dean/deputy dean to help you certify it after orientation. (For PTPTN matter)
  2. Offer Letter
    Use only original Offer Letter, if you only receive it few days before registration, just photostat few copies and bring it to USM. For those who still don’t receive it on 31 August, don’t worry and just come to USM register yourself. USM will print a new Offer Letter for you.
  3. Passport Sized Photo
    – Just in case, just prepare 8 pieces of it. Preferable to wear a formal or semi formal attire (collar T-shirt).
    P/s: Not necessary latest, as long as your face didn’t change much. Continue reading [Sharing] Campus Preparation | Rynn Yang