School of Chemical Sciences

1. Programme Offered by School of Chemical Sciences USM

  • Sc.(Hon) Pure Chemistry

  • Sc.( Hon) Industrial Chemistry

  • Sc.(Hon) Analytical Chemistry

And ONE either Minor of Electives. For details , you will know in time. You will get a guidebook for reference.

2. How many years to study ?

4 years for all the courses

3. What language will be conducted for lectures?

English will be used as medium of language. However, for University courses, Bahasa Malaysia will be used.

4. What is the difference of the major courses?

You may know better in the future. You may refer to

5. Dean List requirement?

CGPA at least 3.5 and above

6. How to register courses in every semester?

Aware and follow instruction during the orientation week.

7. What chemistry student did in every semester?

Studying courses not more than 21unit/sem. The school will provide guidance to you.

8. Can I arrange my ideal time table?

Most of the Core course/ Lab practical / University courses is fixed. Normally there will be a few slots of tutorial class for a student to register.

9. When is tutorial class start?

Normally is start on the 3rd week of that semester.

10. When is lab session start?

Normally is start on the 2nd week of that semester

11. How are the school facilities?

1 lab assistance. 1 GA (master student)

12. What kind of scholarship we can apply?

1) JPA 2) Toray Group

You will know better in orientation week. Don’t miss it!

13. Where to get Pass Year Question?

Can get it from your senior. Some lecturer do uploaded to school website.

14. What kind of lecturer will I meet?

No worries, CS lecturers are nice + friendly, given that you don’t step on their toes. So don’t miss your lecture class!

15. Can we skip the lectures?

No, you better not. First time skipping, the next lecture you will think that lecturer speaking German to you; the second time you did, the lecturer speaks ALIENS. And they may know you!

16. We need to buy lab coat and goggles?

Yes. Need to wear every time doing experiments.

17. Where to purchase our lab coat?

School of chemical science-Ground Floor-Stor Kimia. Near the entrance opposite Biology school with reasonable price!

18. Where do we having our class?

Mostly in DK (Dewan Kuliah) and BT (Bilik Tutorial). For lab session ,will be at Makmal Sains Kimia


1. Is Chemistry a major part in Chemical Engineering?

Don’t be deceived by the course name. Chemical Engineering is about Maths and Physics, plus some organic chemistry knowledge. Mass Balance and Energy Balance are some of the important subjects for this course.

2. Will there be a lot of assignments?

Not so many if compared with other engineering schools.

3. Any good lecturers?

Yes, but not many. Only a few with “Professor” title give good lectures. Most lecturers are knowledgeable but somehow have difficulties passing down their knowledge.

4. What activities or events are offered?

Join NACES. The most prestigious event, national level competition for chemical engineers to-be. Includes debate, powerpoint presentation, plant design ect. .

5. How far is the school from the hostel?

Don’t worry, Engineering Campus is small enough. 10 minute walk from hostel to school.

6. Is the course difficult?

If you have a strong basic in Maths and Physics, you’ll be alright.

7. Do students need to buy textbooks?

Well, seniors are friendly and helpful. They will just give you their notes, lecture notes, test papers, assignments, ect. Cheers.

8. What is the proper attire for attending lectures and tutorial classes?

Jeans and collar T-shirt will do. Formal wear for presentations and vivas.

9. Can students drive in the campus?

First year students are not allowed to bring their own cars to the campus. Bikes and motorcycles are allowed but you’ll have to register at the Jabatan Keselamatan.

10. What specific things should I bring for this course?

First years will learn engineering drawing, so you might wanna bring your compasses and protractor.

11. What about the time table?

Don’t expect university life for this course to be free, class starts at 8am to 4pm and sometimes 5pm. Be mentally prepared or you might just sleep in class.

12. Are there food near the school?

Yes, Staff Café is just few steps away from the school.

13. Do we have the chance to meet students from other schools?

Yes, some lectures are combined with student from other schools like calculus and material lectures.

14. Is joining co-curricular activity a must?

No. But joining co-curricular activities gives you MyCSD which secures you a place in hostel if the marks are high enough.

15. Do we need to bring laptop and printer?

Yes, especially when you want to do your assignment. Sometimes there are online assignments in e-learning. Printing service is provided at Café Jaya just in front of the Jaya hostel and also at the post office located at Staff Café. But you can still bring it for your own convenience.

**Purchase lab coat & goggles here!**