Tuition Fees

:::::Notice from USM:::::

Payment can be made before registration day. Here are the details of payment methods:-

  1. Online banking ( )
    Follow the steps below:
    a. Log in to the ‘Bahagian Bil Yuran’
    b. Press ‘Bayar’
    c. Just follow the steps and key in the details
    d. Make your payment (Debit Card / Credit Card / Master Card / Visa / Perbankan Internet-FPX)
    e. Print out the payment slip and keep it as proof of payment

  2. At counter Jabatan Bendahari USM
    a. You can make payment by using Maybank QR Pay / Credit Card / Debit Card / Touch’n Go
    b. NO cash transaction

Students are not advised to carry large amount of CASH to university during Orientation Week.