School of Social Sciences

  1. What are Social Sciences?

Social Sciences is basically study of human behavior, basic about how the society operate.

  1. What are the majors in Social Sciences?

There have 4 major subjects of Social Sciences in USM which are Anthropology and Sociology, Economy, Development, Planning and Management and Political Sciences.

  1. What are the compulsory subjects should first year student take?

The four core subjects ( Introduction to anthropology and sociology, Introduction to Economy Issues, Introduction to Development, Planning and Management and Introduction to Political Science) are the compulsory subjects should take by social science first year students. Stepping into Semester 2, students should choose their major and minor subjects.

  1. What minor subject can be chosen?

Minor subjects normally based on the school that provide minor subject, mainly have to check the timetable with other school to prevent clash timetable happen. Example of minor subjects : Archeology, Psychology and so on.

  1. What is the cumulative units for graduate in Social Science?

122 units

  1. How many years for the course of Social Science?

4 years.

  1. What is the medium of teaching in Social Science program?

Bilingual. You are allowed to use either BM and BI to answer the papers.

  1. Do student need to buy text books?

This depends on the lecturer, but most of the lecturer will provide the lecture notes.

  1. How to register courses for the first semester?

For the first semester, School of Social Sciences will automatically register the courses for all students. For the extra courses, for example (language courses) have to manually go to School of Language and Translation to queue for registration.

  1. What is the proper attire to attend lectures and tutorials?

T-shirt, long pants and cover shoes will do. You will need to wear formally during your presentation.

  1. Are all students compulsory to join co-curricular activities?

USM does not force students to join co-curricular activity. For the course of Social Science, students no force to fulfill the units (credit hours) from co-curricular activities to graduate successfully but students are still allow to choose co-curricular to fulfill U code, (University code). However, USM have a lot of societies. These societies or club have no units but students able to earn their MYCSD point in order to secure a hostel room in second year. Anyway, joining society or not are based on own preference.