Wifi Setting Guide (Android & iOS)

Android Phone Guideline

  1. Menu > Settings

  2. Choose ‘Wireless & networks’

  3. Turn on Wi-Fi

  4. Choose Wi-Fi Settings

  5. Click USMSecure.

  6. Set a password for the credential storage (at least 8 characters).

  7. Security: Entreprise(802.1x)
    MAC address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 << (example)
    EAP method:
    Phase 2 authentication: None / MSCHAPV2
    Identity: (your USM email address, ie: cwxu.uman10@student.usm.my)
    Anonymous identity: (same with Identity)
    Wireless password: (created by yourself)

  8. Choose Connect.

  9. If it require to ‘Enter the credential storage password’, please try for 5 times, then will auto delete your default settings.

  10. Reset by repeat step 7.


iOS Setting Guideline

  1. Connect directly to USMSecure

  2. Key in your Username & Password

  3. Get connected!

For more info, please visit wifi.usm.my via USMWireless or USMSecure