Student Hostels

Staying in the USM Student Hostels (Desasiswa)

No matter where you live on campus, you’re usually within walking distance of everything you need. It’s about RM2.70 to RM4.50 per day per person (only for students). Different prices applied on non-students. All rooms are equipped with basic furniture, including:-

  • Bed with a mattress;

  • Table;

  • Chair;

  • Wardrobe;

  • Fan.

Pillows, linen and additional cleaning equipment are not provided. The hostels have no kitchen, although facilities to boil water are made available. Coin self operated laundry machines are also available. Each hostel will have different design and layout, therefore the amount of toilet and bathroom are not same. There are different hostels for men and women.

  • Men are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED to visit the hostels for women, and vice-versa.

  • Overnight visitors are not allowed but your friends are welcome to visit you during the day.

  • Quiet hours should be observed after 12:00am.

When you live in the hostels, USM has free WiFi provided. There is a chance that you may not be able to get access to the Internet. This is due some of the blind spots of the Wifi Zone.

In case you wish to continue living in the hostel after the exams, you can apply for an extension to do so. Eateries are available outside campus during the semester break. The hostel officers will inform you about the application procedure, as well as handling over the keys. No application is needed for staying in the hostel during shorter school breaks.

All Freshie are COMPULSORY to stay in the campus during Orientation Week (Program Siswa Lestari).

To continue staying in Campus Hostel, you are required to obtain a minimum requirement of MyCSD units.

List of USM Hostels

Off-Campus Accommodation

However, if you prefer staying outside the campus, please make sure you are clear about all the costs that you might incur in your housing arrangements, and that USM will not be held responsible.

  • Usually water and electric bills are not included in the rent.

  • Also, be prepared to pay a deposit, usually one month’s rent in advance.

For more information about USM Housing and Accommodation, kindly contact HAC USM:-

Main Campus

Pejabat Pusat Perumahan & Penginapan Universiti

Tingkat 1, Bangunan H23,

Kompleks Cahaya Siswa, 11800 USM.

No Tel: 04-653 4459; Fax: 04-657 8962

FB: Housing & Accommodation Centre USM


Engineering Campus

Desasiswa, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

Seri Ampangan, 14300 Nibong Tebal,

Pulau Pinang.

No Tel: 04-599 5530; Fax: 04-594 1005

Health Campus

Desasiswa, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

16150 Kubang Kerian,


No Tel: 09-767 3000; Fax: 09-765 2678