School of Physics

  1. There is how many majors in the school of physics?

There will be five major physic courses that will be provided by School of Physic of USM.

-Pure Physics

-Applied Physics


-Medical Physics

-Engineering Physics

  1. Are we able to request to transfer to other Physic major after come in to USM?

There is a few of successful cases of transferring major in School of Physic in USM, but it doesn’t mean that 100% of the application will be approved by the school. It is actually depend on the situation and the discussion with the dean of school. The procedure of transfer application will some times to process. We will need to discuss with our academic advisor( will be appointed after a few weeks of school reopen), and then apply it at the service counter of School of Physic.

  1. What will we be studying during our first year?

All physics major student will be mix together to attend class together during their first year which mean the subject we take in the first year are actually all the same. The syllabus of first year will be 50-60% similar with the syllabus of form 6 and matriculation. All first year student are advised to revise back the form 6 and matriculation syllabus so they can cope with the university syllabus.

  1. When we will be able to learn more specific in our own major?

When the first year life are finish, we will start to focus more on our major. What we learn on first year is to build our basic, when second year start, we will start to attend class according to our own major.

  1. Are the lecturers nice? Are they good in teaching?

University is a place for us to grow up and to be independent. So please take note about the big difference of the learning style in university and high school. In university, we have to be more self-motivated to do revision or learning. Every lectures have their own teaching style, we can’t say who is either good or bad, but is just the matter of whether you can suit with it or not.

  1. When will we be doing our internship?

We will go for our internship in the last semester which is the eight semester.

  1. How is my final result calculated?

In School of Physics, our final result will be calculated by adding the coursework marks and the final exam marks. The coursework marks will be 40% of the final result and the final exam will take 60%. The addition of these both marks will be our final marks of that semester.

  1. What is the proper attire to attend lectures and tutorial classes?

In discussing this issue, USM is comparatively liberal among public universities. Students do not have to wear formal to attend classes every day. As long as they wear long pants and covered shoes. Round neck t-shirts are also acceptable in USM.

  1. How do students get accessed to Internet?

Within USM compound, students can connect to USM network using their own IDs which will be given upon entering USM. However, being able to connect does not guarantee the speed of the connection.

  1. Can students choose not to attend lectures or tutorials?

Students are required to have at least 70% and above attendance or else they may be barred from final examinations. So, students are not endorsed to skip lectures and tutorials. Moreover, lecturers might give tips for examinations during certain lectures or tutorials. Some lecturers may choose to give pop quizzes to ensure students attend their classes.

  1. Must all students join co-curricular activities?

USM does not made compulsory for students to join co-curricular activities. However, students might need the units (credit hours) from co-curricular activities to graduate successfully. So, to join or not is up to students own preferences. 1st year students will be given more information during orientation week.

USM also have a lot of societies or clubs which they can choose to join. These societies or clubs offer NO units. However, by joining those societies or clubs, students will be able to gain MyCSD points (important to secure a hostel room in second year). MyCSD is My Continuous Student Development in full. It is a program that intends to build a holistic student personality under the APEX program. Having a low MyCSD points will lessen the chance of getting a room in subsequent year in USM. Again, joining these societies or clubs is based on students own preference.

  1. Can students drive in USM? How do we get the sticker?

First year students are NOT allowed to bring in any vehicles into USM. If students get caught driving any unregistered vehicle in USM, they will receive a summon. Students can only bring their own vehicle to USM start from second year. Still, students have to get a sticker and register their own vehicle with Jabatan Keselamatan in USM. In order to entitle a sticker, students have to be active in societies and clubs. Stickers are limited and they are only given to students who are actively participating in the clubs.