Uploading of IC to Pohon@USM

Dear freshmen, be reminded that you’re required to upload a photocopy of your IC (coloured or B/W as long as it’s clearly legible, in PDF format) to the Pohon@USM portal.

If you do not have a scanner at home, you can use a document scanning app with your smartphone. Here’s how it works (using one such app, CamScanner, available for Android and iOS):

1. Open CamScanner app

2. Tap on the camera icon

3. Select ‘Docs’ and carefully take a full-sized photo of the IC (front side)

4. Confirm crop and save the scanned image

5. Open the image in the app and save (share) as PDF file

6. Upload the PDF file to Pohon@USM

(If you prefer to use other scanning apps, the procedures may differ slightly but the basics are the same)

Please check that the resulting PDF file is less than 1MB in size before uploading, as the system supports upload of maximum 1MB in a single file.