School of Industrial Technology

Where is TI? How to get there?

TI School is building G07. It is surrounded by Desasiswa Bakti Permai, School of Physics and DK carpark. If you are taking bus, you can stop at basketball courts of Bakti Permai and walk across the road to reach TI.

What are the bachelor degree courses offered by TI? What do I study in my course?

(a) Bachelor of Technology (Hons) (Food Technology): Students focus on “farm to table” i.e. the processing, preserving, and packaging of foods before they reach the consumer market. (4 years programme)

(b) Bachelor of Technology (Hons) (Bioresource, Paper & Coatings): Commonly known as BPC. Students study on the knowledge of bioresource (Example: wood), paper manufacturing, coating technology (Example: paint, ink) and also furniture manufacturing. (3½ years programme)

(c) Bachelor of Technology (Hons) (Environmental Technology): Students focus on waste and pollution management of industries. Physics and mathematics calculations are often involved in most subjects. (3½ years programme)

(d) Bachelor of Technology (Hons) (Bioprocess Technology): Similar with biotechnology, students learn to manufacture industrial products by transforming living matter, using nutrient and enzyme technology. (4 years programme)

What are elective and minor subjects? Which should I choose?

Elective subjects are related to your major. They are considered deeper and concentrated study of a particular division of your major. (Example: Post-harvesting Technology and Management of Halal Food are elective subjects for Food Technology course).

Minor subjects may not be related to your major. The subjects are for you to widen and explore second area of interest other than your major. Usually, each school in USM will offer a package of subjects for their minor students. (Example: Introduction to Management and Marketing are minor subjects offered by School of Management)

Further information can be obtained from TI Buku Panduan given during orientation week. However, you only choose whether taking elective or minor after the first semester.

What if I am going to study the course that I have no foundation? (Example: You are studying Environmental Technology, but you are not a Physics student before)

No one is born smart. The only advice is to work as hard as you can. Get friends and seniors’ help. You are not the only one who encounters this. Some seniors are like you before. However they are still able to score and graduate. All this depends on your attitude and effort.

Is it hard to score “A” or pass for TI students? Any tips to do well in exam?

Different subjects, different lecturers, different standards. As mentioned above, work hard and work smart. Try not to only study at last minute. If you fail to catch up the syllabus on the front part, then the following parts will be challenging for you. Understand instead of memorizing the facts. Search and try to do past year questions. For tutorial or assignment, try to do it on your own instead of copying, it will help you a lot.

Are we compulsory to join all Persatuan Teknologi Industri (PTI) activities and buy the T-shirt?

All first year TI students are compulsory to join Interaction Day of PTI, the remaining activities are not. For T-shirt, usually first year and second year students have to buy.

Do we have to do internship as TI students?

All TI students are compulsory to do their internship for one semester in order to graduate. Check your TI Buku Panduan for further information.

Are the lecturers of TI nice?

The lecturers and professors are hired to teach us, not to scold or punish us. If you complete their task and pay attention to their lecture, there is no reason that they will treat you badly. Just remember to respect them, and also be punctual to their classes.

When can we know our timetable in TI?

During Dean’s and Programme Chairman’s briefing, each of the first year TI student will get a copy of timetable of the new academic session. It may look a bit messy because all subjects of TI are on one piece of paper. So, you can highlight the subjects on first semester or using Microsoft Excel to make your own timetable.

Are we compulsory to buy any textbooks in TI?

The lecturers usually do not force you to buy any book. Instead, they only recommend you which book to refer, or list you the books which they use to make lecture notes during the first lecture. However same subjects require you to buy the book to get an activation key in order to complete online quizzes.

Do we have to bring laptop all the time?

This will depend on your lecturers. Normally, laptop is only required to be brought when doing presentation and for tests of IUK108 Statistics with Computer Application.

Are we doing laboratory report and experiments individually or with group?

Most lecturers will divide the students into groups for laboratory class. Laboratory reports of each group are passed up in hardcopy, usually one or two week after the experiment.

Can we register extra subjects for first semester?

Yes, but please make sure the classes do not crash. Usually during orientation week, the language course and KO-K briefing and registration is only conducted after you get your timetable, which means you should prioritize the classes your must-take subjects of the first semester before registering extra subjects.

Can we bring our own old lab coat?

Yes, you are allowed to wear lab coat without USM logo to save money. However, please make sure the lab coat is long sleeves and is long enough to cover till your knees.

Must we attend Kursus Asas Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (KKP)?

Yes, all TI students are COMPULSORY to join KKP talk in order to graduate.

For further information, please refer to the following:

Official website of School of Industrial Technology USM