MyCSD (My Continuous Student Development)


Continuous Student Development Program (MyCSD) is a program that specifically designed to give recognition to student involvement through student development program that they joined during their whole academic calendar and recorded in a systematic and sustainable continuous pattern.

Uses of MyCSD

  • Co-curricular transcript

  • Selection hostel

Advantages of MyCSD

  1. Recognition by the university for student activities in a systematic and efficient

  2. Students will have specific activities transcript to support the development of soft skills of students that can be adopted after graduated in the work field.

  3. To differentiate USM graduates from other institutions specifically for the convenience and value of the employer.

MyCSD Components

  1. Academics (Akademik) – a degree program at respective school

  2. Compulsory core (Teras Wajib) – join PIMPIN SISWA or HIMPUN

  3. Generic components (Komponen Generik) – Recognition on the participation of students in soft skills program organized bay Societies, Clubs, Associations, Hostels or other bodies recognized by the university

9 Core Soft Skills (Generic Component)

  1. Invention and innovation

  2. Community Service

  3. Debate & Speech

  4. Volunteerism

  5. Entrepreneurship

  6. Leadership

  7. Culture

  8. Sports

MyCSD Record

  • MyCSD Record of all students will be recorded electronically in student activities system with the support of Pusat Pengetahuan Komputer & Teknologi (PPKT).

  • All activities in the Eight core soft skills will be recorded in the system of existing activities

  • Students can monitor their progress and achievement MyCSD online through Healthy Campus – Campus Online

MyCSD and Hostel Application

All students are encouraged to participate in activities at the hostel, clubs / associations, universities and national level to earn points needed to increase the added value of each student’s achievement after graduating. All records will be displayed in the student involvement transcript of non-academic activities (non-Academic Transcript).

Summary of MyCSD

  1. Is the individual information for all activities undertaken in whole academic calendar.

  2. Record all student activities throughout the academic calendar in the system [My-activity].

  3. Are all registered activities with fixed point given out.

  4. Give points and added value to the hostel application.

Application hostel for the next session academic calendar can be done online through the web when notice of the application was issued.

MyCSD high points accumulated in each academic calendar will increase the percentage of selected students to stay in the hostel.